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Spalding Guardian Gardening 9 May 2013

In past years, I’ve spent much time (and money!) at gardening shows up and down the country, but recently shortage of time and cost of travelling have cut down this delightful activity drastically. It has long been my wish that we had a really good show locally, so less time and expense could be used on travelling and more on enjoying the show itself. Maybe my wish has started to come true at last.

The Rotary Club of Stamford St Martins is organising a garden show on 12th May 2013 on the beautiful Stamford Meadows in the centre of the town, bordering the River Welland, where, as a youngster, I used to walk my dalmatian dogs and watch the kingfishers skillfully attempt to deplete the river of fish. Ah, those were the days…..

The theme of the show is ‘Inspiring Gardening for All’. It is a free-to-visit community event and family fun day, with garden and food stalls, children’s rides and competitions. I shall, of course, be there (try keeping me away!), giving a demonstration in the Speakers’ Tent (you’ll have to come along to see what it’s all about) and passing on lots of gardening skills and tips. There’s a Gardening Question Time with me and two other panellists, so bring your questions along – it’s no fun talking to yourself!

The show opens at 10.00 in the morning and goes on throughout the day. Get there early before the crowds for the very best opportunities and check http://stamfordgardenshow.co.uk/ regularly for updates. There is ample parking both sides of the Meadows, with very little distance to walk.

All we need now is a fine, warm day without the searingly cold wind that has made gardening this spring such a chore. You never know, this may be the start of another Chelsea – I really hope so.

Daphne Ledward

This piece originally appeared in the Spalding Guardian