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INDEX - To help you find seasonal advice, I have arranged these month by month.
These articles originally appeared in the Spalding Guardian.
Please remember that weather varies from year to year.

.Looking Forward to Summer Baskets.


.The Orchard and Apple Trees.

.Grass and Mowing in Winter.

.Being green, a wildlife garden, and an olive tree.

AprilMay June

.Preparing for drought.

.Dealing with horse manure and weedlings!


.New dwarf conifers.

.Difficult spring and seedlings.

.Spring grass care for a summer lawn.

.Chelsea week, Roses, blind shoots.

.The Patch and herbicides.

.Bay Trees suffering after the winter.

.A timely hoe.

.Figs and rhubarb.

.Stamford Garden Show.

.Saving the seedlings.

.Sweet Potatoes.

.Hanging Baskets Old & New

.Compost injury, Compost quality, Viburnum

.Should I raise vegetables from seed?


.The best small garden

.Looking after English Roses

.What to do in a drought, dead-heading

.Conifers and Paeonies

.Salads, Raised Beds and Eucalyptus

.Pelargoniums (Geraniums)

.Busy Lizzies, Impatiens and downy mildew

.Pruning Roses

.Sweet Peas

.The Patch and wild flowers

.The Successes and Failures of 2011

.30 Years on - 2011

.Sunflowers and Scarecrows

.What grows around Spalding?


.Garlic - all you need to know.

Daphne Ledward

These pieces originally appeared in the Spalding Guardian