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Mr Muffin falls in love    by Mr Muffin

July 2010

Last week I met the most wonderful girl and I would have liked her to have my puppies (fat chance! – Ed).   I think she really liked me, too.

Her name was Sandy and she was looking for a new home.   She had a lovely fawn coat and a really striking black muzzle.   She would stand out in any crowd, and particularly amongst all the other dogs in the Fen Bank Parade at Sutton-on-Sea Carnival.   I just couldn’t take my nose off her, and I told her she could come home with us. I asked Daff, and she said possibly, but John was mean and said there were enough of us without taking on a sixth.  Daff suggested that as we were so much of an item, perhaps we could foster her for a while, but John still said no, which I think was very unkind of him.

She was with Auntie Sandra and we walked side by side for most of the route. Normally, I don’t like public events – the drums and shouting make me shake and pant and I get fed up of everyone asking what I’ve done to my poorly foot. This time I didn’t shake at all, not even when the police car went past with all its sirens going. Sandy didn’t even notice that I was a poor crippled boy; she just thought how handsome I was.  She really gave me the confidence I lack. I just couldn’t believe it when Auntie Sandra took her away at the end of the Parade because I was sure John would change his mind and let her live with us.

I know it’s true love because, if you remember, I don’t usually like girls, especially the ones in our house. I also know that at the Sanctuary, they let the dogs listen to Radio 2, so I thought I would write to Steve Wright’s Love Songs and ask if he would play her a tune (‘Ruff Mix’ by Wonderdog, maybe?  There’s a most appropriate video on Youtube – Ed).

I don’t suppose I shall ever see Sandy again, but if she sees this, perhaps she will send me some cyber licks just to let me know she feels the same way too. Sandy – I LOVE YOU!

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