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Mr Muffin replies to Sandy  (by Mr Muffin)

Spalding, Lincs


Dearest Sandy,

I was really excited to receive your letter and I am sending you a picture of me to put up on your wall.   Daff has printed me a picture of you off the Web and is going to find me a frame so I can put it on the blanket chest in my bedroom.

I am not bothered that you canít have my babies because there are too many greyhounds already in the world and not all of them end up like we have.  I donít think I can make babies anyway because I once went to sleep and when I woke up, some bits of me were missing and I think that might have been something to do with not making babies any more.

We are all going out in the motor car in a minute to our big field called The Patch, which is nice cos we can do what we like there as long as we donít fight and I donít dig holes, which I sometimes have the urge to do and then I get shouted at.   As itís Sunday our three friends might come for a run with us Ė Mr Paddidog is very fond of the black girl called Flo who used to have no hair and looked silly but has a lot more now.   She has very bad teeth and bad breath but Mr Paddidog thinks sheís gorgeous and lies in his triangle by the gate with her all the time.   I know you have lovely teeth and the sweetest breath Ė I donít know what Mr P is thinking of.

I wasnít jealous of Mr Chief because I saw you had no interest in each other.   You donít have to be jealous of any girls I know cos until now I didnít really like girls and thought them very silly, but youíre different and now I know all girls are not the same.

I wish you could come for a run with me at The Patch.   John and Daff wouldnít mind at all and perhaps you could have your tea with me before going home.    Maybe Auntie Sandra or Auntie Jill or Auntie Jenny would bring you one day, otherwise I will have to ask Daff if she will take me to see you and we could have a run in the paddock.

I must go now cos John is loading doggies in the car.

With eternal love,


PS I like nice thick duvets, do you?

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