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Sandy replies to Mr Muffin  (by Sandy)


Dear Muffin,

My Auntie Sandra came to my kennel today and read me your story. I was thrilled. I thought you were the biggest and handsomest boy I have ever seen and I loved your muscular thighs. I was excited a very lot to be walking beside you last Sunday .

Our mummies were nattering so they didn’t see when you gave me some kisses  and put your nose on me. I liked that. I would like you to be my boy friend because I love you too. Do you think we could meet again without all the other doggies, just you and me? Only I ought to tell you I couldn’t go all the way because I had that operashun ,oprashun, hoperashun we lady dogs have to stop us having baby dogs, and I expect you have to.

Also I wouldn’t like you to be jealous of Chief who walked with me on Sunday. I have known him for ages and he is my bestest friend, but he doesn’t fancy me because he is in love with Auntie Sandra, and so we’re just good friends. He saw you kiss me and he said you were handsome and he hoped you would treat me nicely or you would have him to answer to!

My racing name was “Choose Me” and lots of people did but I kept running into the back of other doggies so I only won 4 races. What I liked most was meeting all the other doggies in the paddock before my race and lots of people stroked me and said how pretty I was, but I wish I had lovely grey eyes like you only they wouldn’t match my lovely black nose, would they?

Anyway I hope you get this letter because I had to give it to my Auntie Sandra to post it for me as I didn’t have any pocket money left to buy the stamp- and you know how forgetful she is! Please write and tell me if your mummy will let us meet again.

With all my love,


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